The Swedish Ambassador commends Zimbabwe for ‘tackling’ climate change.

-Let us come up with locally led initiatives that will fit in the global fight to address effects of climate change, Swedish Ambassador to Zimbabwe, said.

John Cassim

Harare, Zimbabwe – The Ambassador of Sweden, Per Lindgarde, has commended the Zimbabwean government for its efforts to address the effects of climate change while aiming to achieve global targets.

“We commend the many efforts that the Zimbabwean government, through the Ministry of Environment, Climate, and Wildlife and its departments, is making to address the challenges Zimbabwe is facing and contribute to progress towards global targets.

The President’s COP26 commitment to reduce deforestation in the country was very welcome, and the NDC and NAP are setting up important milestones,” the Ambassador said.

The Ambassador made the remarks Tuesday during a climate and environment-themed evening reception at his residence in Harare.

The reception that was attended by various players in the climate and environment sectors was aimed at sharing ideas on how best to manage Zimbabwe’s natural resources.

“This event is dedicated to highlighting the urgency of addressing the triple plenary crisis of climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss.

Sweden contributes to sustainable development and just transformation in our partner countries by addressing these three interconnected crises, all of which risk eroding sustainable development,” he added.

The Swedish Embassy is currently supporting various partners in the implementation of programmes dedicated to the sustainable management and use of natural resources, the protection and restoration of biodiversity, adaptation, and strengthened resilience to climate change and natural disasters.

This includes smart agriculture, sustainable waste management, clean energy, and resource efficiency.

He beseeched Zimbabwean citizens to come up with locally led initiatives that would fit into the global fight.

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