Zimbabwe tighten screws on motorists to reduce Carbon Emissions at ZITF 2024. 

– Our strategy involves encouraging participants to utilize shuttle services from surrounding hotels, addressing parking challenges, and reducing pollution, an official said.

John Cassim

Harare, Zimbabwe – In a concerted effort to alleviate parking congestion and significantly reduce carbon emissions, several key changes will be implemented at this year’s Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF). 

These changes include increased parking charges and the introduction of exclusive shuttle services. 

The aim is to promote healthier mobility options, discourage the use of personal vehicles, and encourage walking within the exhibition premises.

Dr. Thomas Utete Wushe, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, emphasized that the primary goal is to reduce carbon emissions at the venue.

“Our strategy involves encouraging participants to utilize shuttle services from surrounding hotels, addressing parking challenges, and reducing pollution. We are also urging attendees to explore the exhibition on foot, enhancing their overall experience,” explained Dr. Wushe.

Scheduled to take place from April 23rd to 27th at the ZITF Exhibition Centre in Bulawayo, the 2024 ZITF will captivate attendees under the new theme, “Innovation: The Catalyst for Industrialization and Trade.”

Originally announced with a focus on entrepreneurship, the shift in theme underscores a broader commitment to innovation as a vital component for growth, aligning with Zimbabwe’s Vision 2030.

Busisa Moyo, Chairperson of the ZITF board, emphasized the significance of this thematic shift. “Zimbabwe’s vibrant innovation sector has flourished thanks to our national initiatives, aligning with our aspirations for equitable development and prosperity,” Moyo noted.

With these innovative measures, ZITF is poised to offer an impactful, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly experience for all participants, setting a precedent for future trade shows globally.

Zimbabwe is actively working to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as a climate change mitigation measure, currently aligning the Environmental Management Act (EMA) and Forestry Act with the Climate Change Policy.

Zimbabwe’s efforts contribute to global climate change management. Although Africa’s CO2 equivalent emissions (CO2e) footprint is declining, it still remains the highest compared to other continents.

In 2017, Africa’s total CO2 emissions constituted just 4% of global fossil fuel emissions, or 1185 MtCO2, with about 87% of the region’s emissions accounted for by ten countries.

By 2015, Zimbabwe’s contribution to global GHG emissions was approximately 0.13%, primarily from energy production and use.

To reinforce its environmental policy, the government recently banned the importation of vehicles older than 10 years.

According to Statutory Instrument (SI) 54 of 2024, Control of Goods (Import and Export) (Commerce) (Amendment) Regulations, 2024 (No 10), the importation of second-hand vehicles aged 10 years and above is now prohibited.

The notice reads: “It is hereby notified that the Minister of Industry and Commerce, in terms of Section 4(1) of the Control of Goods (Import and Export) (Commerce) Regulations, 1974, published in Rhodesia Government Notice 766 of 1974, hereby makes the following notice:

“…Second-hand vehicles aged 10 years and above from the date of manufacture shall not be imported.

“Any second-hand vehicle prohibited under this subsection shall be re-exported by the owner of the said vehicle at his or her expense.”

Zimbabwe is a signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992 (UNFCCC), its Kyoto Protocol of 1997, and the Paris Protocol of 2015.

The ultimate objective of the UNFCCC is to achieve the stabilization of greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.

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