Thunderous wet spell continues: Meteorological Services Department warns

John Cassim


The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) weather report and forecast issued on Monday 13 February 2023


THE humid conditions over the country caused scattered thunderstorms in areas mainly in the Eastern half of Zimbabwe while the rest of the country (Midlands, Mashonaland West and both Matabeleland Provinces) had partly cloudy conditions with isolated thunderstorms in areas such as Gokwe, Karoi and Gwanda. Notable falls in excess of 20mm were recorded at ZAKA (38mm), Chisengu (33mm), Masvingo (31mm), and Wedza (31mm)


Scattered thunderstorm are expected across in Harare Metropolitan, Mashonaland East, Manicaland, Masvingo, Southern parts of Midlands and Matabeleland South Province. The remaining parts of the country should experience isolated thunderstorms. It should be warm with light winds in the afternoon in light winds. Possibility of heavy rains still remains in some places.

MUTOKO The heavy rains being experienced in the district have destroyed Nyamuzizi bridge. The bridge is along the road that links places like Chibeta, Makora and Nyamuzizi to Mutoko centre. A Ranganai lorry which was travelling from Makora to Mutoko centre was swept away.


  • Flooded rivers remain a potential hazard; even if it has not rained heavily in the area, heavy rains may have occurred upstream
  • Heavy downpours may give rise to flash flooding leading to treacherous road conditions.
  • Lightning is a major threat during this part of the year, being inherent in thundershowers.


  • Avoid crossing rivers or streams of unknown depth; even if it has not rained heavily in the area, it might have done so upstream. 30cm depth of fast flowing water can sweep away large vehicles.
  • Heavy rains may reduce visibility; if driving please find somewhere safe to park till the rains subside.
  • Avoid contact with water or metal objects including farm equipment when lightning is visible, even from a distance. Umbrellas are not safe during storms, raincoats are better but best is to be indoors.

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